Odoo SaaS Module Installation
The Journey With Webkul
17 October, 2020 by
Odoo SaaS Module Installation
SAM Smart
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I've been trying to create a Software as a Service now for many years...

Whilst we have been fortunate to actually create our own SaaS module it seemed to me that the smartest way to move forward and grow our business further was to starting working with another Odoo Service provider.

We ended up choosing the Webkul SaaS Kit

The initial installation went well, it was implemented quickly and to be honest, I was getting excited!

Then the tech world challenges kicked in... and so began the painful journey of debugging...

So I thought it was best to document the process as we continued to debug and roll out our SAM Smart CRM as a Service.

Start With SAM Here

Odoo • Image and Text

Webkul Documentation

I found the documentation to be pretty good and for myself reasonably easy to follow, however I also found myself lost at the debugging stage.

To be honest, I suspect I am actually helping them debug the workflow and implementation of the module together.

Webkul SaaS Kit User Guide

SaaS Kit Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Get Clear

My reason for creating this post is simply to consolidate my implementation experience as we all are working in different time zones here at SME Business Support. Whilst Webkul is a business based in India, we are based in Melbourne, Australia ourselves.

So the challenges of our working hours can become quite challenging at times.

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