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Anthony's Team Member Overview

YouTube Automated Transcription (To Be Refined)

hey hey going there it's Anthony here with Total Lifting Solutions and SME business support and what we've got going on here is where i'm starting to put together a job now, the job is more of a general assistant I'll call it now general assistant means that it's quite broad now i've worked with Lara my assistant for we've worked together for nearly nine years as i do this recording and we've been putting together a membership site using the product called oddo, now there's many different activities and i understand that not everybody has the skills to do. Every activity but it's kind of like what we've done is we've created what did i call it a general assistant daily activity, let's have a quick look :  i'm going to have a look for our team training area. As part of SME Business Support and here's our team training videos now these are all just coming through and again at the time of this recording. I'm just starting to bring this all together so it's a job share assistant and there's going to be a number of activities in here but fundamentally so scanning as an example : i can clearly see that it's not a video data entry as a you know so these are going to be getting started activities. Now getting started will be an overview of what that activity does and then there'll be a button underneath that video. That will take you through to more specific training area. All right well i'm Anthony from SME Business Support and Total Lifting Solutions and we look forward to talking to you and working with you as this all comes through. Take care bye for now.


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