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Odoo Module Task Management #002

Hey hey going there yeah so look i just wanted to very quickly go over the task management module what we've got here is a video overview and also a task location. So, let's say that we had an issue on this particular page then we would copy the URL, okay we would paste that URL in there and then we would also have like a video summary straight over the top like i've done here and i'd paste that into there. Now i'm not going to save this particular one right now so if i just go on so okay so now you can see that we've actually got the overview video of what's going on we can click through to that very very easily yeah and off we go again so that's a great little tool i think and again if you whenever you finish the task just click on the on the done here and we're in a wonderful space upwards and onwards to our success made easier thank you bye for now.

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