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Project Management Introduction (TLS)

Yeah here going again so here we are now this time we're looking at uh projects that we now we call project a job in in whatever form we can do a maintenance job we can do a longer term project and we can just do a field service so there's lots and lots of different types of jobs now as we go through the job gets created that by default creates a job number for us based on the system does that automatically now we've got to start going through and quite often have been tied to an opportunity as CRM where we might have quoted we've got a particular customer now with this if i look at this particular one it's going to be hi-fi group okay and the description for this is going to be so i'll put a description into here and these are the questions that you might need to ask me as well but then we've got protest task stages invoices so we're going to need to create invoices for this so that there's a work in progress value going we might need to do some purchases it might be maintenance and we're going to have some contacts associated to this as well so being the good guys would have come in from sunny or Hayden so we don't actually have Hayden in the system but we might actually start to add Hayden's name there and everything else so that's how we start creating projects there's always more how to do a lot more of these activities you can find the link below and start to work with Odoo in the project management tool a little bit easier all right upwards and onwards here's to our success made easier for myself AG and we'll talk to you on the next one bye for now.

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