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SME CRM, Getting Started & Navigating Your Way Around

Hi guys this is Liz again today we're going to talk about one of the most important feature of our system and that's the CRM or the customer relationship management. This software helps facilitate in collecting organizing and managing your customer information with the goal of you know improving the relationship with your existing customers as well as your prospective customers so in order to access the CRM on your menu page you just have to look for the CRM icon which is this and it's going to take you to this page on the dashboard there's loads of different options and information that you can click on and you can take advantage on for today we're going to talk about the pipeline and the leads first let's have a look at your pipeline your pipeline lists all of your opportunities how much they are as well as how important they are to your business in order to create one click on the create button you can create a title of what opportunity you are pursuing who your customers are so if it's a new customer you can create and edit otherwise you can choose from the existing customers below how much your expected revenue would be it's good to know how much your expected revenue so you you will know your priorities and you can put a star rating according to the priority of this project if it's a higher priority or if it's a lower priority and you can then click on create once you're done on your main pipeline page we have here a summary of all of the opportunities so you're currently pursuing as an example let's open up one opportunity here so we're looking at one customer Fred and as you can see all of the information that you needed to know about prospect or this customer is in one page you have his contact information name first name last name email address contact number and the salesperson who is assigned for this lead you can put in internal notes if you need to note about how your meeting transpired or how your calls have transpired with this person just so you can be up to date with what's going on you can send him a new quotation or there's also a note here that indicates how many quotations have already been sent to this lead you can also mark this opportunity as won or lost depending on the outcome if you scroll down below you will see that you will have an option to send a message to this person or you can schedule an activity an activity would include you know sending him an email a call setting up a meeting or creating a to-do list for this person see that we're going to check out our your leads so you click on the leads right beside pipeline and you will see here a list of all of your leads or customers in in one page so you have here the create date the kind of lead whether they're a member or a a gold member or just test default leads by FB ads you have their their names the city the country their email address you can even include their phone number as well as their sales channel now if you're gonna click one of them you will have the same functionality as you know as the ability of being able to send a message directly from here scheduled in opportunity and if you wish to convert this to an opportunity so that it's going to appear on your pipeline you can just click on the blue button right here right now we're not going to do anything but I'm just showing you which one to click if you want to convert this lead to an opportunity going back to the leads if you want to add a new lead into the system obviously you click on the create button and right here you can then fill up all the necessary details of your lead so that's just a very quick overview of the leads and the pipeline functionalities of our CRM obviously we're going to have more video tutorials of all the other functionalities that you can take advantage of I hope for now this is very helpful for you guys if you have any questions or if you need our assistance in anything please feel free to reach out to us through Facebook and we're more than happy to help here's to your success in ours my name is Liz and I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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